Protein Waffles

These protein waffles are a staple to my everyday breakfast and super easy, yet mouth-watering flavors!

Yield: two waffleswaffles


  1. Heat waffle iron to medium-low heat
  2. Mash one banana
  3. Add two whole eggs, one scoop (1/4 cup) Perfect Fit Protein, 1/4 cup whole wheat flour, one tbs ground flax seed, and a couple dashes of cinnamon
  4. Mix. If the batter is still a little too thick, add nut milk
  5. Spray waffle iron lightly with coconut oil spray
  6. Pour and let sit for about one to two minutes
  7. Add preferred berries and optional maple syrup/honey/agave

Purchase Perfect Fit Protein here:

Blissful Chicken Burgers

These chicken burgers are mostly vegetables! Sense they are made with chicken, the burgers are full of protein and virtually no carbs and low in fat. The perfect simple dish for dinner! bliss chicken


  1. Chop up kale, broccoli, green onion, red onion, and bell pepper
  2. Add vegetables to organic ground chicken (preferably white meat)
  3. Add one whole egg to the mixture (optional but recommended) and cracked pepper
  4. Spray a grill pan with coconut or olive oil spray, put the burgers on the grill pan and flatten out with a oil-coated spatula
  5. Cook for four-five minutes on the first side and about three minutes on the second or until done

How To Be Swimsuit Ready For Summer

Swimsuit season is here, as all the magazines have already reminded you, and that means it’s time to crank up your routine!

You can exercise your heart out, but eating clean is so important to get you into that swimsuit. Not downgrading exercise, because they both work together, in correspondence.



  • Eating a well balanced breakfast within 90 minutes of waking up is so important. I have tons of breakfast recipes that you might love! 
  • Aim for your meals to be Lean, Clean & Green to get the results you want. This means tons of veggies, fresh fruits, lean protein and healthy fats! Eliminate processed foods and stick to whole, real nutritious foods.
  • Always drink 8-14 eight oz glasses of water a day: the more the better! Water helps your skin glow, keeps you awake and alert, metabolizes your body, flushes toxins, and so much more! Did you know the average persons water content in there body is 50-75%? Sometimes you think your hungry but you’re actually dehydrated.
  • If your still having trouble understanding what clean eating is, watch this video here:
  • Eating LC&G at dinner is so important because you will not be burning off the carbohydrates you eat like you would be for breakfast or lunch! Aim for lean protein and vegetables at this meal.
  • Dessert is OK. Have a square or two of 75% or more dark chocolate to curb your cravings!


  • Cardio is important to shed the fat, but in order to have lean muscle, you need to be doing strength exercise. And don’t worry ladies: weights do NOT bulk you! It create lean, toned muscle. 
  • Aim to workout 4-6 days a week, incorporating both cardio and strength. Strength does not have to mean the weight room necessarily, body weight exercise routines are great! For cardio, it doesn’t have to be one hour on the elliptical, 15-30 minute HIIT seasons get the job done!
  • I love ToneItUp’s workouts (they post a weekly schedule!)


  • Motivation helps drive that goal of yours! Find a picture, a quote, music, accountability buddy, really anything that will help you with your goals! 



Questions? Shoot me a comment and I would love to get back to you!

Good luck!


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