Our Calls.


In life, sometimes we only want to respond to our big, romantic, glamourous life calls, but fail to realize that in order to reach those, we must first respond to the unromantic, sometimes hard daily calls.

For example, maybe you are craving to be called into a life where you are excited about your job and the people around you. Maybe you have this “ideal” in your head that sounds lovely that you become easily excited by. But, every morning when your alarm goes off, you groan and dread it. Wake up! You are being called to be apart of today. You are being called to put in work for right now, for your future self.

You may find these conflicting calls in several areas of your life- whether it be from work, diet, romance, etc. So I urge you to not just focus on the pretty finished picture, but the smaller, everyday calls you are receiving. What are you pretending not to know?

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The Law of Attraction // Manifesting


-The Secret is a film about The Law of Attraction that has held a lot of attention and has a lot of buzz around it. It focuses on this radical idea of manifesting; of how you can have anything you want through your energy and your thoughts and your vibration. This is a concept that all relates and revolves around awakening your inner spiritual being and accessing that power. Our one body and one spirit can have such immense power, not only on ourselves and our life but everything and every spirit in our wake. But I am not here to write to you today about ‘what goes around comes around’ (that will be another day), I’m here to talk about the key things you need to know about manifesting.

-Manifesting is not creating something out of nothing, it is letting the invisible become visible. This is something people get caught up in. Another very important thing to know before you manifest is to not obsess, you need to focus on how you will feel with that thing you are wanting in your life. And live off that feeling, but not obsess. You need to focus for a short amount of time, but a very spiritually strong amount of time on what you are wanting, and how that will make you feel, and then completely let it go. You need to let it go and live through that feeling, and do what you can to support that feeling. It’s the feeling more than the thought that creates that form, that makes that form visible.

-If you are searching for romance or love from a partner, you need to love yourself first. If you want to create more money in your life, and have a greater abundance, then you need to respect your money and indulge in what you know you can. As you start to ponder that feeling, it becomes your reality. d49e3d8d4f125f54c7942455fac01b6f

-Another important thing I need to note is the universe does not understand “don’t”. This is especially important when seeking a romantic partner. If you say, “I don’t want a Gemini, I don’t want a smoker, I don’t want someone that eats meat, I don’t want someone that is not financially stable” the universe will take these in as the opposite of what you are saying. So yet again you need to focus on how this person will make you feel. How will you feel coming home to this person? How will their presence in your life make you feel?

-Manifesting is a beautiful practice that can completely change your life. It really shows the immense power of this universe and the power it holds.


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