Three NYE Outfit Ideas for Different Occasions

Oh, hey, remember me? I hope so! So basically things got busy and my life got crazy but now I’m back. How was your holiday season? Hope it was well and hope you ate lots of sweets! In a few short days, it will be a whole new year, scary stuff I know. Now we’re all not as fortunate to be able to party in New York on New Years and see the famous ball-drop (but if you are that is amaze).

I put together this trio of different outfits to wear for whatever you’re doing on New Years, take a look.

Night out with the girls _8587940

This dress will sure turn some heads. I have had the experience of trying this on and let me tell you it is so.dang.comfortable. No but really, it seems a bit scary from the outside, but it’s warm&fuzzy on the inside. Maybe can be compared to yourself? …or maybe not, moving on.





House Party _8541029

Yep, the classic house party. So, it only seems appropriate to dress to this event with a classic little black dress, except this dress is velvet, and, well velvet anything is rad.





Party for…one?


Who says staying home by yourself for New Years can’t be fun? Get loads of yummy food, crank up your favorite music, climb into your PJ’s, and dance like nobody’s watching except Miley Cyrus (that’s sure to make you twerk a bit, right?). Who cares if your alone, if your friends don’t have plans, invite them over, and dance together. Kiss your teddy bear when the clock strikes midnight…or your cardboard cut-out of Harry Styles.

PS: all outfits shown are from TopShop. Love ya.

Until next time,


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